The Sports Law & Policy Centre | Ten Reforms Indian Sports Administration Needs
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Ten Reforms Indian Sports Administration Needs

This list of the Ten Reforms Indian Sports Administration Needs has been carefully selected keeping in mind the sporting ecosystem in India and the challenges that have plagued it over the years. This report includes a foreword by Abhinav Bindra.

We have recommended reforms under the following five broad heads:

  1. Sports Governance
  2. Sports Integrity
  3. Athlete and Gender Representation
  4. Sports Federation’s Powers
  5. Sports Funding

Each head begins with a brief background on the issue to give context to the reader, we then set out the challenges posed and the reason changes are necessary and finally, recommend the reforms required. We have also set out an international example under each head to understand how other countries have been dealing with similar issues.

This document is intended for lawmakers who will be best placed to implement the changes proposed and for anyone vested in and passionate about Indian sport.

The report may be accessed here.