Our Services

We are at the forefront of thought leadership for sports institutions in India. We conduct research and collaborate with various sports federations, state agencies, companies and other think tanks to provide advisories, reports and design sports policies based on international best practices in sports.

  • 1. Research and Advisory on establishment of players’ associations;

  • 2. Research and Advisory on reconstitution of national sports federations;

  • 3. Research and Report formulation on Comparative International Governance Practices in Sports for a judicial committee;

  • 4. Policy research and drafting of State and National Sports Policies and Sports Laws;

  • 5. Scheme design, scheme drafting, formulation of athlete participation agreement on talent funding schemes;

  • 6. Formulation of Scheme for Promotion of Sports within India’s Higher Education Set Up;

  • 7. Consultation on the establishment of national occupation standards in the sports industry;

  • 8. Advice to state government on establishment of a Sports University;

  • 9. Drafting of a National Coaching Framework.

To engage our services, please write to us at slpc@lawnk.com and we will get in touch with you. We look forward to working with you!